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Cooking brings children together through social interaction - and food preparation is often used to express or "show case" specific cultures' or religions. It also educates children in how food can be nutritionally good for you and how healthy food can also taste extremely good.


We deliver after-school clubs, in-school sessions, WOW days and parties that prepare children to cook at home from Reception age to Year 6. The cookery sessions give children a valuable understanding of food and of food preparation. Classes are anything from 8 children upwards. 


All equipment, ingredients, aprons and recipes are provided and we prepare, with the children, a wide variety of both savoury and sweet dishes, all containing a wholesome and balanced nutritional value. Classes are both safe and enjoyable for all involved.


Strict safely guidelines are followed; any food allergies are clearly understood beforehand, full close supervision is given to ensure that appropriate ingredients and equipment are being correctly used and the children are taught about personal hygiene and cleanliness to ensure that the cooking area is clean and safe at all times.


Sessions are run in a way that are rewarding, practical and most importantly - fun. Children are learning by exploring "hands on" food preparation in a positive atmosphere and the language and presentation style used is adapted to suit the age and the experience of the children in each specific group. 




Q. Why would we choose to have a cookery club at our school?

  • Answer; Children will be learning a skill for life, with a wide variety of both savoury and sweet dishes, all containing a wholesome and balanced nutritional value.
  • It will enhance the experience of school and children will remember it as where they first learnt to cook food! (Not just cupcakes!)

Q. How much does it cost?

  • Answer; £4.50 per child per hour. Each session runs from the ‘end of school’ and can be 1 hour or up to 2 hours long. Not only do parents have the peace of mind that childcare is covered but often children will have cooked their own ‘tea’. Children will have a drink and a snack immediately at 3.30pm before we get started on ‘proper’ cooking.

Q. Can we de-crease to cost of each session?

  • Answer; Yes, I could drop the price per child if the children bring their own ingredients. The school would need to provide a fridge for the ingredients to go into from 9am. It would also become an added element for parents to remember on cookery club days.

Q. What type of room/space is required?

  • Answer;The minimum, is good access to a sink with hot & cold running water. Having use of an oven will add a wider variety of recipes such as bread, baked cheesecake, pies etc. but is not essential. I’m trying to encourage a ‘cook as you would at home’ practice. 




Nellie's after school cookery club at Birdwell is superb. The children's interest in cookery has been really ignited, as they have learnt to make a wide variety of nutritious main meal and dessert items. They have been equipped with real cookery skills like pastry and bread making. Most impressive is that once taught, the children independently and confidently use the equipment, including: proper knives, graters, ovens and frying pans. They demonstrate high levels of cooperations and collaboration as they become completely absorbed in their recipes. In addition, the results really do look and smell amazing. This truly is appetising food, prepared by the children with pride and skill. Parents have even reported their children presenting shopping lists, asking to repeat the recipes at home. One child, with no previous real interest in cookery, has now even decided to become a chef! With all of our modern concerns about poor nutrition and fast foods, Nellie's after school club is, I feel, as important for a child's healthy future as anything we teach in a classroom!


Julia Cavill - Year 6 Teacher, Birdwell Primary Academy, North Somerset

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