Thermomix Advisor, reliable and tailor-made

Nellie Hamilton is an official Thermomix Advisor. Each demonstration is tailored to suit your specific circumstances. It goes without saying that this includes a detailed consultation. You can depend on my professional experience to find the right solution for you –  confidently, quickly and without complication. 


A brief look at our Free services

  • Virtual OR Live Cooking Demonstration with the TM6
  • How to get going and Using your Thermomix
  • Suggested recipes and trouble shooting cooking techniques
  • Back-up and follow on support with videos, pdf documents and visuals.
  • A community to be a part of

What does a TM6 do?

  1. It saves you time and money
  2. You follow a guided recipe but the TM6 does the cooking.
  3. It weighs your ingredients, chops and cooks direct into the bowl.
  4. It's internet connected to a Cookidoo platform which has thousands of recipes
  5. It helps you plan your family meals through the week
  6. It cooks from scratch using fresh raw ingredients.
  7. It cooks whilst you clear away your ingredients.


8. Your kids can use it too!

9. The Cookidoo platform is available in different languages

10. If you're sensitive / allergic to ingredients you can search recipes that leave those out.

11. It has specialist features including fermentation, sous vide, slow cooking, thickening.


The list goes on. . . .


Interested or want to buy a TM6 model? £1,149.00

  • Ring me for a chat or to book a free virtual demo or just to ask for more details.
  • Alternatively and naturally do your own research by all means, made by
  • They have 1 store in London which you're welcome to visit but if you do decide to purchase one please quote my Advisor I.D, number 210224867
  • You can also buy it online from PLEASE quote my Advisor I.D. number 210224867
  • But it's much easier if you attend a virtual demo with me (45 minutes) and feel free to have your friends sit in on a Zoom meeting or Facebook Live. It's a lot of kit to get your head around so it's best if someone can show you in person.
  • Contact me +44 7766771964 or use our contact form.


Here's what Thermomix can do!

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You can reach us on:

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